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ISCC EU is a certification to demonstrate compliance  with the legal sustainability requirements specified in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and Fuel Quality Directive (FQD).

ISCC PLUS is a certification  for all markets and sectors not regulated by the RED or FQD, such as the food, feed or energy markets and for diverse industrial applications.

Examples of such applications are


Mixed plastic wastes

Chemicals and technical applications

Agricultural raw materials used in food and feed

Biofuel markets outside the EU (examples: Japan and California)

With only one audit an operation can obtain both an ISCC PLUS and ISCC EU certification. The main criteria of the ISCC sustainability scheme are based on the RED and FQD sustainability requirements, with additional sustainability requirements on environmental and social issues which go beyond legal requirements. 

The ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS Systems Documents lay down the general ISCC system principles as follows:

ISCC EU 102 - Governance

ISCC EU 103 - Requirements for Certification Bodies and Auditors

ISCC EU 201 - System Basics

ISCC EU 202-05 Waste and Residues

ISCC EU 203 - Traceability and Chain of Custody

ISCC EU 204 - Risk Management

ISCC EU 205 - GHG Emissions (on a voluntary basis under ISCC PLUS)

We offers solutions for the implementation to meet ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS requirements  of sustainable, deforestation-free and traceable supply chains of agricultural, forestry, waste and residue raw materials, non-bio renewables and recycled carbon materials and fuels.

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