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What does PEFC DDS stand for ?

PEFC DDS stand for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Due Diligence System. It is a framework of procedures and measures, namely information gathering, risk assessment and risk mitigation, implemented by an organisation to reduce the risk that forest and tree based material originates from controversial sources.

3 steps in implementation of PEFC DDS as follows:

  1. Gathering information - Identification of tree species included, or list of tree species potentially included, in the material/product by their common name and/or their scientific name where applicable and country of harvest of the material and where applicable sub- national region and/or concession of harvest.

  2. Carry out risk assessment to assess the risk of procuring raw material from controversial sources.

  3. Management of significant risk supplies from controversial sources with the exception of material/products delivered with a PEFC claim by a supplier with a PEFC recognised certificate, as this material can be considered as having “negligible risk” of originating in controversial sources.


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