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SRPS (Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services) Audit Guide

In the maritime industry, the regulation and oversight of Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services (SRPSs) play a critical role in ensuring the well-being and fair treatment of seafarers. In Singapore, the regulatory framework governing SRPSs is outlined in the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) Act and the accompanying Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) (Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service) Regulations. These regulations mandate that all SRPSs operating in Singapore adhere to specific standards to safeguard the rights and working conditions of seafarers.

The implementation audit will normally include the following activities:

  • An initial meeting between the SRPS license applicant and appointed auditor,

  • Company orientation,

  • QMS review (policies, procedures, records and work instructions),

  • Audit of other pertinent documentation or information,

  • Staff interviews and discussions, and

  • A closing meeting, to include a summary of findings and next step

To ensure an efficient and accurate audit process, the SRPS License applicant is asked to ensure all key personnel are available for discussions with auditor, including:

  • Employees with recruitment responsibilities,

  • Manager(s) responsible for Quality Assurance and employees familiar with the Quality Management System (QMS), and

  • Other employees responsible for supporting and administrating recruitment and placement processes.

  • In addition, the  Auditor(s) will require some logistical support, including:

  • Access to all requested records and documents,

  • A work area to review applicable documentation and consult with the applicant’s staff, and

  • Internet access and power supply

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