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How to implement shift or split team arrangement?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

For suitable workplace settings, employers must split employees at workplace premises into teams, with each team restricted to one worksite. No employee should work in more than one team or worksite.

Employers will need to ensure clear separation of employees on different shifts or split teams, such as implementing human traffic management measures and stepping up cleaning of common areas during shift or split team changeovers.

If cross-deployment cannot be avoided due to the nature of the job, additional safeguards must be taken to minimise the risk of cross infection (e.g. systems are in place to ensure no direct contact with the cross-deployed personnel).

In the situation where physical interaction is required in the workplace, precautions should be taken to ensure clear physical spacing of at least one metre between all personnel at all times, where feasible. F&B establishments are encouraged to reduce the number of employees on-site, particularly for smaller premises, in order to allow for safe distancing.

  • The physical distancing must also be applied to common spaces, including but not limited to entrances/exits, lifts, pantries/canteens, meeting room areas and vehicles/company transport where congregation or queuing of employees or visitors/clients might occur, where reasonably practicable.

  • Employers who are service buyers should also require their suppliers/contractors to implement similar Safe Distancing Measures, so that operations and business interactions with these suppliers/contractors are kept safe. Where physical interactions are still necessary, e.g. delivery of goods, employers must adopt precautionary measures such as scheduling delivery times by different suppliers in a staggered manner. The durations of such transactions should be kept as short as possible


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