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How to implement safe management measures for customer facing operations?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Ensure that all customers, delivery personnel and other on-site personnel put on their masks properly at all times

Use floor markers to clearly demarcate queue lines for customers where required.

Ensure at least 1m spacing between customers and delivery personnel is enforced at all times, and if necessary, to limit the number of customers and delivery personnel within premises to allow for the 1m spacing.

Demarcate a waiting area for customers and delivery personnel to pick up their food.

Encourage the use of self-checkouts, cashless or contactless payment to reduce contact between employees and customers.

Implement contactless pick-up of food where possible to minimise interactions.

Place hand sanitisers in close proximity to high touch surfaces like door handles so that customers can sanitise their hands after touching these surfaces.

Ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of common spaces and items.

  • Counters where customers are served and menus where there is high human contact.

  • Toilets and bins which are accessed by the public.

  • Interactive components within the establishment (e.g. smart kiosks), where applicable.

Put up simple signage and train service personnel to provide clear communication to customers on Safe Distancing Measures.



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