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How to implement Safe Management Measures when ferrying workers?

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

All workers must wear mask at all times while seated in the motor vehicle.

Workers should not talk or interact at all times while on the motor vehicle.

When using a lorry or van, the clear floor space of the deck available for each seated passenger shall not be less than 0.496 square metres. This means a 25% reduction of the Maximum Passenger Capacity (MPC) allowable for each lorry or van. For example, if the MPC label states 36 pax, the vehicle will be allowed to carry up to 27 pax.

Employers must also arrange private transportation for workers staying in dormitories to commute to and from their workplaces, and with no other passengers.

Mark out with labels or other demarcation for workers to identify an appropriate location to sit.

Communicate to your workers and motor vehicles drivers to ensure effective implementation of these safe distancing measures.

If necessary, employers should make provisions for additional trips or motor vehicles.



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