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Do you conduct training on ISO Internal audit?

Yes. Internal audit certificates are issued to successful participants. 

Can you offer assistance after we have gained certification?

Yes we can, it is what we class as a service contract, and it will encompass the complete annual ongoing management of the system as it develops.

We will plan and schedule the audits accordingly, and these will then be completed by one of our skilled and experienced auditors as per the Gant Chart. Any non conformity found will be raised and rectified as necessary, ready and in line for your annual surveillance with the assessment body, for which we will also attend.

What kind of organization can use ISO 14001?

It is apply to any type of organizations who wants to minimize how their operations (processes etc) negatively affected the environment (ie. cause adverse changes to air, water or land). 

What's does being ISO 9001 compliant mean?

Both non-certified and certified businesses can claim compliance with ISO 9001.
For example: A non-certified business may state in their marketing literature that they operate their Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. 

This is okay but it is then up to you as a purchaser of their products or services to satisfy yourself that their claim is legitimate. For the purposes of legitimacy most businesses opt to become ISO 9001 registered, this proves to perspective customers that their declaration of ISO 9001 compliance in their marketing or other literature has been validated by a reputable third party organisation. 

A spin off benefit from being ISO 9001 certified is that it can assure your potential customers that you are operating legitimate business systems without them having to first audit your business.

Conversely, potential customers may be sceptical about self-declarations of ISO 9001 compliance. 

How long will it take to get ISO 9000 certified?

The amount of time it takes to gain successful registration will vary with each organisation as no two businesses are the same. 

A recent survey suggested that most businesses take between 3-18 months to prepare for ISO 9001 certification. 

The cost to the businesses ranged from about $5,000 for a small well organised company to $50,000 for a multi-sited organization, starting from scratch, this is total cost for training, consultant, in-house man-hours, and registration body fees. 

Often employing a consultant can save significant amounts of money and man-hours as the consultant will have had previous experience of introducing ISO 9001 registration and will be able to give you practical advise,know exactly what to do and when. 

Before a registration body agrees to assess your organisation for ISO 9001 compliance it will usually require a minimum of 60-90 days of records as evidence that the systems are established and working before they perform their assessment. If you are successful in the registration of your organisation it usually takes about 6 weeks for the registration body to process the documentation and issue the certificate. 

Are all ISO 9001 registration bodies the same?

No. There are now well over 20 accredited certification bodies in Singapore. Extreme care should be taken when choosing your certification body as certification from the wrong one will not be worth the paper it is written on. 

Firstly you must ensure they are accredited with a recognised Government organisation, secondly you must ensure that the scope of their accreditation covers your industry sector. You should find out from your accountant which "SIC" code your business is lodged under for taxation purposes, then ask the certification body if their accreditation covers that code.

How long does my registration last for?

Different registrar's have different rules for length of certification validity. The maximum period that they can issue an ISO 9001 certificate for is 3 years, and they are required to perform follow-up maintenance assessments. 

This means there will be typically two 1-2 man/day visits from your registrar annually and a re-assessment at the expiration of the certificate at a fee of up to the cost of the original assessment.

However, certain registration bodies have certificates which do not expire but rely on covering all clauses of the standard over a two year period along with a performance review audit. Generally the costs work out about the same with most certification bodies.

When should I think about getting ISO 9001 certified?

When your business management intelligence sources or customers make it clear that you are soon going to start losing significant business without it. Or, when your liability insurance company makes it clear that they expect it. 

Can you guarantee I will get certified?

As long as you follow our consultants advise in the implementation of QMS documentation, you will definitely get certified.

What is ISO 9001?

In short, ISO 9001 is a voluntary Quality Management System standard that helps organizations ensure they are meeting customer requirements. Note that the key word in the title is "Management." The intent of the 9001 standard is to implement systems that Management can use to better run the business. 

Can a small company get iso certified?

Absolutely. We've worked with companies of one or two people who decided to get certified. The processes that you'll put in place would have the same intent as a much larger company; it's just that the implementation will be simpler. We work with organizations to assist them in balancing the appropriate level of documentation with what's necessary to meet requirements

What are the documents required to meet ISO 9001?

There are 6 mandatory documents required to meet ISO 9001. They are:

1. Control of Documents
2. Control of Records.
3. Internal Audit
4. Control of Nonconforming Product
5. Corrective Action
6.Preventive Action

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