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  • When should I think about getting ISO certified?
    When your business management intelligence sources or customers make it clear that you are soon going to start losing significant business without it or when your insurance company makes it clear that they expect it.
  • Can you guarantee I will get ISO certified?
    As long as you follow our consultants advise in the implementation of management system documentation, you will definitely get certified.
  • How long will it take to get ISO certified?
    The amount of time it takes to gain successful registration will vary with each organisation as no two businesses are the same. A recent survey suggested that most businesses take between 3- 12 months to prepare for ISO certification.
  • Can a small company e.g. with two employees get ISO certified?
    We have worked with companies of one or two people who decided to get certified. The processes that you'll put in place would have the same intent as a much larger company; it's just that the implementation will be simpler. We work with organizations to assist them in balancing the appropriate level of documentation with what's necessary to meet requirements
  • Can you offer assistance after we have gained ISO certification?
    Yes we can, it is called maintenance contract. We will plan and schedule for internal audits accordingly, Any non conformity found will be raised and rectified as necessary, ready and in line for your annual external audit with the assessment body, for which we will also attend.
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